About Ingrid Hahn

Author Photo in Green

I have a B.A. in Art History, I can sound out Attic Greek (plus or minus) and even tell you what one or two of the words mean, and I am the world’s worst administrative assistant. My love of reading has turned my mortgage payment into a book storage fee, which makes me the friend you never want to ask you for help moving. I have an unusual gremlin problem — as in, my fingers are chock full of the little buggers. This all adds up to the fact that the only thing I can be when I grow up is a writer.

Thankfully, I got a lucky break in life. I found a man with a superpower. He sees all these things I’ve listed as desirable qualities. Instead of running as far away as possible, he married me. We even have a few cats. For reasons of privacy, the felines have requested I keep their identities secret…all except Sulu, who requires supplicants (i.e., you) to pay homage. Food is preferable, but tummy petting will do in a pinch.

Oh, and we live in Metropolitan Washington, DC, which is pretty darn awesome due to the high concentration of the world’s best romance writers living in the area. I am endlessly pleased and grateful to count myself one among this fabulous community.

Now back to what you really came for, Sulu:


Sulu would like to add that contrary to appearances when he has his summer cut, he really is a very, very big cat. Don’t believe otherwise, even if you think you have ocular proof.