If They Lived Today

If the characters in my Landon Sisters romances lived today…

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If Grace, the oldest, (book #1) lived today, she would have a master’s degree in social work. She’d have spent a few years as a social worker, then gone to law school to become an attorney advocating for children. She’s a big reader. Today, she would enjoy fiction, but her first love would be exceptional biographies. CLEOPATRA by Stacy Schiff would be one of her all-time favorite books. She’d have at least one cat she adopted from a shelter. Maybe two.

If Isabel, the second daughter, lived today, she would be a leader in the homesteading movement. She’d teach and write about environmental science at a prestigious American university. After getting tenure, she’d devote the Fridays of her non-teaching semester to going into disadvantaged schools to teach environmental science on a volunteer basis. In her spare time, she would knit, spin wool, garden, grow as much of her own food as possible, and dream of someday having land and a small flock of sheep. She’d probably do yoga, too, and sometimes worry she was a little bit of a cliche, but then she’d remember she only lives her life for herself and whatever other people think of her isn’t her problem. She’d love bluegrass, but would listen to artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Clarkson in secret.

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If Jane, daughter number three, lived today, she’d be a very successful professional artist with a very public profile. She’d work in a variety of mediums, all of which would be aimed an bringing awareness to the union of the arts and the sciences. She’d spend a lot of time in her studio listening to audiobooks across a wide variety of genres. She’d be the reader who’d be able to tell if the science in science fiction was strong or not, but she wouldn’t let her extensive knowledge interfere with her enjoyment of a good story. She’d love Vietnamese food.

Phoebe, the youngest, loves clothes. If she lived today, she’d be a savvy thrift store shopper and wouldn’t be the least afraid to experiment. She’s a HUGE reader. Today she’d read all the book blogs – and probably have a very generic propecia popular one herself! She’d run her own book group, go to book festivals and conventions, and read Romantic Times Magazine from cover to cover each month. She’d devour a minimum two romances per day. Remind you of anyone you might know? 😉 She’d have two copies of all her favorite books (of which there would be dozens) that came in a physical copy – two because she’d want to loan out her favorites to her friends, but wouldn’t want to risk having her keeper shelf depleted. She’d have expert-level knowledge of fine teas. She’d have put herself through school giving piano lessons.


If Corbeau lived today, he’d rehabilitate horses that had been abused. He’s an avid reader and staunch humanist, and the same would be true today. He’d be a hardcore outdoorsman, doing serious mountain and rock climbing. He’d probably also be a cyclist, and he’d have the very best set of wheels–bike wheels, that is–that money could buy. He’d be particular about his coffee.

This quote from the opening pages of E.O. Wilson’s THE CREATION would resonate with him: “Ethics is the code of behavior we share on the basis of reason, law, honor, and an inborn sense of decency…

If Max lived today, he’d be a professional poker player — and one of the world’s highest ranking players at that. He’d gotten three or four years into a PhD in astrophysics, but have abandoned it in favor of traveling the world to play, although he’d keep up with all the scientific scholarship coming out of the field. He’d have a personal hobby of studying Baroque music.


If Hetty lived today, she’d live in New York City. She’d have gotten her start in show biz on Saturday Night Live, but would have left after a few years to write and star in movies. She’d hang with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. She’d have a not-so-guilty pleasure for Harlequin Presents and Entangled Indulgence. She’d also love funny foodie romances – and might even try her hand at penning a few! She’d have the palate of a finely trained sommelier and have an unabashed depth of knowledge about wines. She’d also know all the best places to brunch in all the cities she’s ever visited.