The Landon Sisters

Welcome to the Landon family! As daughters of the infamously disgraced late Earl of Bennington, these women know what it’s like to live under the oppressive shadow of scandal without more than a few pennies to their name.

  • Book #1 features the oldest daughter, Lady Grace.
  • Book #2 features the youngest daughter, Lady Phoebe.
  • Book #3 features Grace’s friend, Lady Eliza.

Summer Flower


Matriarch: Lady Bennington (whose name is Lizzie). As seen through Max’s eyes in the forthcoming (release date TBD) TO COVET A LADY’S HEART:

“There was, however, an energy to her—the sort that gave the impression that she’d considered old age carefully and judged it best left to others.”



Daughters, in Birth Order

Grace – featured in book #1 TO WIN A LADY’S HEART

Grace is fervently devoted to her family. She takes her role as oldest daughter very seriously. Sometimes too seriously. She wants nothing more than to help them–somehow, someway. Even if it means sacrificing her own dreams to help them have a better life.

She has freckles, which she doesn’t much care for, and extremely straight hair, which is tedious to work into the Grecian-inspired Regency styles.

Isabel – Wants nothing but to forget the secrets in her past and reinvent herself for a brighter future. But secrets have a way of haunting a person, and Isabel is no exception.

Isabel is a dark-haired beauty whose secrets a rake discovers and exploits to blackmail Phoebe in book #2, TO COVET A LADY’S HEART. Unknown to most of the family, Isabel has paid the highest price for their father’s downfall.


Jane – A level-headed artist interested in scientific drawings, the natural world, and exploring exotic locations. She knows love isn’t for her, so she decides to become a governess…but she has to run away to do so. When her charges go to school, she’s restless. She wants to be completely anonymous. How far will she go to be somebody else?

She has light hair that appears to have a reddish sheen by candlelight. She’s the only Landon daughter who doesn’t bother curling her hair.

Phoebe – featured in book #2 TO COVET A LADY’S HEART

The Men

John Merrick, Earl of Corbeau – Corbeau is hopelessly in love with Grace and has been for a good number of years. When he’s caught locked in a storeroom with her, he impulsively claims her as his fiancee. Grace wants nothing to do with a forced engagement. Corbeau has his work cut out for him: win her heart, or lose her forever.

You will never meet a kinder man that Corbeau. He believes in hard work and responsibility. Unfortunately, he suffers from crippling social anxiety that makes people think he’s rigid and cold. He’s very good with horses.

George Tiberius FitzHugh, Earl of Maxfeld – A rake hell Corinthian with a dark secret. Max swears he’ll never marry, never father children, and, most important of all, never let anyone get close…

Max has the force and presence of a warrior king. He has very dark hair and startling blue eyes. He likes women and knows how to flatter and charm them…until he meets one who puts his heart in danger.

Other Characters

Lady Henrietta “Hetty” – Corbeau’s younger sister to whom he is fiercely proud. Grace and Hetty experienced friendship at first sight and have been close ever since.

Hetty is plump and round. She’s vivacious and has an absurd sense of humor. She loves fiercely with her entire being and would be loyal to the death.

Lady Eliza – The daughter of the embittered and vengeful Lady Rushworth. Lady Rushworth is one of the matrons who caught Grace and Corbeau in the storeroom and assumed the worst. Lady Eliza is tired of living under her domineering mother, and want to gain her freedom through a marriage of convenience. Fate has something in store for her! You’ll be able to find out what in the third book, TO SEDUCE A LADY’S HEART!

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If these characters lived today, what would they do and what would they be like?