Things I Love

– Writing

The color green

– Knitting

The Yarn Harlot

– Farming (seriously)

– Thrift stores

– Nature

– The beach

– Audiobooks

– Animals

– Cicadas

– Romance readers, they are the best

– Firefly

– Deadwood

– Graveyards and necropoleis (incidentally for those of you who read my about page, here’s an easy one: νεκρόπολις)

– Dark fairytales

– Paris

– Darjeeling tea

– My husband (don’t think he’s not #1, because he is)

– Our little boy, born May of 2015

– My husband even when he’s belting out sea shanties

– My husband even when he’s watching Pirates of the Caribbean and offering unsolicited commentary on the ships and historical accurateness of the clothing

– Reading

– Terry Pratchett

– Jane Austen

– Libraries

– Silence

– Bluegrass

– Baroque, Classical, and some Romantic-era music

– Hippies

– My kitties

– Darkness

– A night sky full of stars

– A toasty fire of a winter evening

– Cutting wit and filthy humor, which explains my choice in life partners